Monday, September 26, 2011

Alligator Festival

Young KNY & I decided to go to Luling, LA, for the Alligator Festival. It is held annually under the bridge there. Nice grounds & the bridge is a feat of engineering, very impressive. We park, walk in, walk around the booths & get an earfull of kids playing and singing 'Mustang Sally' on the stage. Well, they have baby alligators. I just haveee to pet a baby alligator. KNY took some pics & I go to wash my hands. There is something wrong with the soap dispenser. U have to wash your hands after handling wild animals. (My mother did teach me a few things..) Welllll, the soap dispenser came off it's janky-ass stand and dumps half the oddly colored pink soap allllll over the front of me. I just stood there. I couldn't move. Who does this happen to?

We decide to try to purchase a shirt for me to change into, in the port-o-john. The festival shirt's aren't too bad looking.. They only have my size in the ugly pink shirt. Black is for size S & M only. Like I want a pink alligator shirt!?! Kenny keeps saying, "..let's go.." I finally give in. The liquid soap feels like slime & there is noooo wiping off that much. We gingerly walk me to the car, I stick a tree's worth of papertowel's under my shirt & try not to touch anything in the car. I can honestly say that I have never felt so disgusting. How is it possible for soap to do such to a human being?

I was nottt a happy camper. Got home. I went to the grocery and bought steaks & vodka to console myself with & pulled the afternoon out of the nose dive that Gator Fest put me in...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Long, long, long time...

If there is anyone still out there in blog world. I apologize for my hiatus. I fell off the blog wagon. Working on dusting off & riding again...

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I went home a bit ago & took pics of my nephew, Riley (aka: the bean). Here are a few of the pics of the little bugger...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Long time...

Been away from the internet forev-errrrr... My last job made me hate the phone & the internet. I am slowlyyyy coming back around.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I feel loved!

On Friday, the 13th, my birthday, I received cards, emails, facebook shout outs, presents etc... I feel so loved and happy. After work, we drove to New Orleans to stay with Chris & Bran. We had appointments with realtors for Saturday morning. We walk into the guest room to find this...

Bran is such a honey! It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!! Thank you all!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I ordered a pair of green high-top heels for Mardi Gras. Needless to say, they did not make it in by then. I received them yesterday. They reminded me of the YouTube - 'Shoes' viral video.

Okay, so these shoes rule!! Here they are.

I freakin' love em!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Lux Interior 2/4/2009

Lux Interior passed away on Feb. 4th, at 4:30pm. He is an icon. He was the ideal frontman. He was an amazing sight to see live. The music world has lost it's glitter and shine...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crappy Thursday Bleeds into Friday..

As if Thursday, December 18, 2008, were not bad enough. I awake on the morn of the 19th. Glad Thursday is over, or so I thought. My eyelids were an odd green color. That's right! The ugly green eyeshadow stained my eyelids. No amount of cold cream or rubbing alcohol could take it off. I am forced to put on 'night makeup'. My car seemed a little funny. Couldn't pin point what felt weird. I was leaving for J'town at lunch. I am all excited & walk out to my car. I find that the back, driver-side tire is flattttt!! I go to lunch with my co-workers, we call and have Jerry (maint. super.) ck my tire. It has a large screw in it. He airs it up, I drive it to United Auto & our buddy, Leigh fixes it for free. There are kind souls on this planet, dispite what Thursday says!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tacky Christmas Work Party Blues...

Today I awoke. I was happy. We were having the annual Christmas party. The theme was "Tacky Christmas". I had never participated in such and I was jazzed about it. I put on a dark green velvet skirt ($3 at the Thrift Store), 2 pairs of tacky earrings, a gaudy necklace, Christmas socks, heels, ugly Christmas shirt, super ugly Snowman headband that blinks and I found some disgusting green eyeshadow. I look like a hot mess. I was thrilled. I drive up, no one is there but Anna. She looks hilarious! She was scared that we lied and told her to dress up and like, then we wouldn't. (We do play tricks on each other, we have to, property management makes you want to slit your wrists and lie in a tub of hot water)...

We are all laughing at the outfits and having a ball. I go home to fetch the greenbean casserole and pumpkin pies. I am running a little bit late, speeding just a bit & then the blue light special pulls up behind me. Call the gals and tell them I am going to be a little later than planned. Cop asks me why I was speeding. I told him, like, if he couldn't tell, that I am running late for my work's Xmas party. He informs me that I was clocked at 72 (I was in a 45). I ask him if he is going to take my license away from me. Now the whole time he is looking at me like I escaped from the funny farm. He takes my license, insurance card and asks for my registration. I had no idea what the freaking car registration was. Turns out, it is the car tag receipt. Somehow, it was in my glovebox. He is not attractive and obviously is lacking in the humor department. Comes back with a ticket. I told him, "Thanks and Merry Christmas!" (Bastard - God! I wanted to say that!!)

Get to the party. It is the usual ruckus that I expected with these fools! Dirty Santa was freaking great. We are real ruthless, I love it! Pack it all up and I head to the office. My car has been below the "E". The car starts to spit and sputter. OH SHIT! I am running out of gas! I barely make it through the red light, the car stalls and I coast in to the pump. Woooo!

Trying to be quick about it because I am dressed like the Christmas Clown. I lock my keys in the car. Yes, my purse and phones are in there too.. I go into the convenience store and use the Asian guy's phone (whom can barely speak English). I call work, which, is just a stone's throw from the gas station. I tell Ky to call the Locksmith and have someone come to get me. I am standing by my car, for what feels like an eternity. People are honking and yelling at me, the Christmas Clown. I don't embarrass easily, I - could - have - died!!! Finally, I walk to the office. A lady stopped in the middle of the road so she and her teenage kid could get a good look and laugh their asses off. GREATTT!! My feet are broken, I believe. I climb up the stairs again & get in the office and Ky tells me that she keeps trying to call Anna and can't get her. Jamie, the locksmith, is out of state. I go to my office, sit down to chill & start laughing like a crazy person. What else can I do at this point!?! I call KNY and he knows where a spare key is, THANK GOD!

I am waiting out front for him to pick me up with the key. I wait, wait and wait... I go back upstairs, in the torturous devices called heels and Ky hands me the phone. KNY is out back of the building waiting on me. He is not a happy camper and is not being very nice. Ok, so now I am pissed. He fusses the whole way to the gas station. I get out, say nothing, and get in my car.

The whole office now knows the "Christie Saga" and give me complete hell when I arrive. I have taken photos to document my day.. Feliz Navidad!

The green eyeshadow is lovely!

Anna, myself and Vikki

Just gotta love the socks

P.S. Left work after blogging. I came extemelyyyy close to falling down the stairs at work. My heel caught the huge green skirt. I finally make it home and realize that, at 2:30 (time of key fiasco), I had a hair appointment....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Fat Pussies...

The band I am working on is called "The Fat Pussies"... Meg and I came up with this idea many moons ago. We decided our shitty jobs are driving us crazy and why not go with what U know? We are girls, we like music, we are musically inclined and very pissed off = girl punk band. I am the singer and rythmn guitar, Meg-o-million Pearson is lead guitar (maybe Bass, still up in the air on that one) & Erin Arathoon will play drums. It is an all girl punk band. We are going to eat only rice cakes to get stupid skinny and dress like whores. I may try another mohawk..

I started working on the song list last night. We are going to tour all around (except the south - Meg is over the south) and fuck it up good!

If you want to represent or become a member of the band get you a shirt right here, choose your instrument and come on.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Job Idea...

Okay, property management blows & student property management should be deemed a form of Chinese torture, like water-boarding... I decided I am going back into retail. That way... I can have my band and work for money too. I can get my punk rock look and have a clothing discount for my band. I can visualize it... Looks good.

Friday, December 5, 2008

T'giving Holiday

It has taken me long enough to get this together. I left for J'town on Nov. 21st, after my Dr. appt. in Montgomery. I got in town around 7ish that nite. I met my folks at Martin's. I changed clothes & put on makeup in the car. I wound up singing karaoke with my mom and her bud Judy. I slept 3 hrs that night. I am a super nerd, I was all excited.

Sat. hung out with mi familia. That night Rachel, her beaux, tons of our buds and our parental units and their friends alll went out to the Regency Coliseum. I was a little scared. There were fake plants and a bartender with one eye. The band finally started up and they were great! I think I drank 900 beers. At the end of the night, Rachel had her shwerve on and I made friends with a 52yr. old black guy from Detroit and was wearing his full length black mink. Terri had a dramaqueen moment and we promptly exited the building like Elvis would. Earlier on in the night, I had taken Terri's keys from her. I wound up driving her Cadillac to the Ford's house. After 900 beers, not good. I kept it between the lines and on the road.. Good times.. 4 hrs. sleep..

Sunday - Kappy Sord and I drove to Wiggins to hang with Grace and Madelyn (my 2 yr. old neice). We played in the yard, hung pics on the wall, moved some of her stuff from the old house to the new house. I met one of the cops that is stalking her (she works as head of medical for Stone County prison). There are a couple of cops that are shaking her tree. Interesting... Mom, Grace and I went to Island View Casino to eat filets. Got back to her place, played with Maddie some more and crashed. 5hrs. sleep.

Monday morn Madelyn was pissed that she had to leave Mom and myself. I told Grace and mom that this would happen. We had to sling our shit in the car and leave when they did. She was mad and wouldn't hug us or speak to us.. Back to the Ford complex and hanging with the familia.. Mom & I both have a horrid cold coming on. I slept 3 hrs. again.

Tues. went to Hancock Fabrics & met my Wcom buds at Keifer's. Insanity insued. I miss all of them so damn much. I really enjoyed it. Then Connor and I went to Michele's. Connor whacked Chloe and we had to depart. I took him home and went back to Chele's. Got back to the Ford complex around 8pm, I think.. Slept 4 hrs.

Wed - stayed with Michele.. Made chili, drank wine, hung in back yard... 3 hrs. sleep

Thurs - Holiday dinner at the Davis complex. Good seeing all of them and hanging. Too much turkey.. nap.. Slept a solid 7hrs.

Friday - My dad's b'day & the Ford T'giving dinner... It WAS NOT A PAY-PER-VIEW event!! Maybe we are all growing up? Rachel's beaux could be a good luck charm? Hell, I don't know what happened! No one was drunk, high, no one got in a fist fight, no one announced a marriage, divorce or out of wedlock child on the way!!
Back to the Davis complex and train wreck dominos. Drank a little wine & crashed.. Slept another 7.

Sat - Went to Tony & Candace's complex. The Perkins clan met there to do the holiday thing. It was a soup party. Thank God, no more turkeyyyyy... The neice and nephew are awesoome. I always have fun with all of them. Drank wine...

Sunday - back to Auburn...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Home 4 the Holidays..

Left on Friday, Nov. 21st, headed to J'town. I was there thru the 29th. I had soooo much fun! Felt like I was there only 2 days. I will post details and pics later..

Friday, November 14, 2008


I love having someone else fix and paint my nails. The gals at work decided we would all go put on sweats and go to 'Lucky Nails'. I sat my lazy butt in the massage chair and proceeded to chat about everyone that was not there. Girls rock...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Corks & Canvas (Part Deaux)

Monday night some of my gal pals and I went to Corks and Canvas (painting class). It was Christmas themed. Vikki, Anna, Abbi, Leigh, Donna and I all were there by 6:30. For some reason, I stressed all out about the stockings. The gals started to peel off around 9ish. I was there til 10:30. I still enjoyed it immensely.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ann - Lonely Soul

Back at Belhaven's Photography class, my dear friend, Ann, did her year end project to this song. I love and miss her...